For over 8 years, Harriaar Sports has been paramount in the world of sports, using innovation and technology to develop martial art uniforms, boxing equipment and sportswear that enables you to achieve your maximum potential. This is why Harriaar Sports attentively listens to those who practice martial arts and works closely with top brands to design, create and manufacture new ranges of equipment.

In our company,wethoroughly check and concentrate on each and every step of production process, from raw material to packaging. Separate departments are allocated for production of martial art uniforms, boxing equipment and sportswear. Combined with our strong management, we provide unmatched service at every level.

Latest machinery and skilled workers are employed to manufacture the high-quality products. State-of-the-art machines are used in different departments. Pattern machines are used by the cutting department to ensure most accurate sizing of garment.

Our products have a trusted reputation and every item is guaranteed at a world-class level. We strive for perfection in our products and satisfaction with our clients. Many of national teams worldwide use our uniforms in Championships as we provide an unmatched quality in our products through specialized workmanship and the quality of material used.

Our staff team consists of intelligent and qualified employees who work closely with our clients in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. Our clients find them to be very cooperative, giving peak performance at all times.We strive for perfection in products and services so any complaints regarding them would be treated with priority. We will continue to stay on the cutting edge, giving our clients the highest value that they expect from us.

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